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Youth/Junior Volunteer Program

Accepting Applications for Youth/Junior Volunteers.

Who’s eligible for the program? Girls and boys between the ages of 12 - 17 years old.

Goal of the Program

This program was designed to inspire young adolescents who have a desire to work with young children achieve that goal, by receiving on-the-job training skills here at Kids Kastle. The training experience acquired through this program can be of significant value to a prospective employer when considering hiring a young person for a position in a licensed child care center.

The Youth/Junior Volunteer program here at Kids Kastle was set in motion initially to assist parents who have youth that are aging out of child care programs at the age of 12 years. Most children, by the time they are 11 years old, feel that they are too old for most child care programs. And, most parents know that their children are not yet ready to stay home by themselves for long extended periods of the day.

Our program allows the parent and child to choose a volunteer schedule based on the need of the family’s schedule. Working parents can feel at ease knowing that when they are at work themselves, their child will receive nutritious meals and snacks, while spending a portion of their day at the center with adult supervision and guidance. At the same time, building the adolescent’s confidence as they take pride in their ability to make a difference in someone else’s life, making positive choices about the direction of their own life, learn, share and have real responsibilities in being a productive member of our facility.

Head Start on a Career

This program is a great opportunity for any young person who loves teaching and being with young children. It will give participating volunteers a head start on a rewarding career working with children at a licensed child care center in the future. The youth/junior volunteers will be expected to function as well mannered young adolescents while in their community and at the center. Volunteers will receive on-the- job training and participate in early childhood education classes, along with their adult mentors and the other staff members of the center.

Depending on the length of attendance as a volunteer, classes participated in, and the skills they have acquired while volunteering, these young adults at the age of 18, could qualify and be considered for hire in any licensed child care center as an: Aide I, Aide II, or Teacher’s Assistant. And, within their first year of paid employment, will have a better chance of advancing to the position of “Preschool Teacher”.

How to Apply

For more information about our volunteer program or to make an appointment and apply for this program, please call:
Sherri @ (541) 659-0454

Download, print & complete the Volunteer Packet of information prior to your appointment with us.