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Preschool Program 3-5 years of age

1:10 Teacher/Child Ratio

Kindergarten Readiness!
Promoting independence and self esteem!

Children participate in the following activities to become their own thinkers.

Circle Time

  • The emphasis is on listening and following directions.
  • Children will learn the days of the week, months of the year (calendar) patterns and numbers.
  • The children will learn letter recognition while also learning their phonics.
  • Shapes and colors will also be part of this activity.

Arts and Crafts

  • The children will complete their activities at their own independent level.
  • The children will use glue, paints, crayons, markers, play dough and more.
  • Practice decision making.


  • Children love music.
  • They develop independent skills to play rhythm instruments, clap hands and wiggle their bodies to a beat.
  • They learn to sing songs and recite poems that enhance learning while following directions.

Gross Motor Activity

  • The children will participate in activities such as jumping, hopping, skipping, and running. They will have the opportunity to use the playground and covered outdoor play area year around.

Fine Motor Activity

  • The children will learn emerging writing skills with the appropriate horizontal and vertical lines as well as circles to create shapes and letters.


  • The children will develop hand-washing and place setting skills, as well as learn to clean up after themselves, and increase social skills.

Theme Activities

  • Activities will reinforce the topics through singing, crafts and cooking.
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