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Halloween Party

We have a Halloween Party every year. The week before, the children are busy helping make their costumes from brown paper bags. We have all sorts of creatures in attendance… from little red riding hood and the big bad wolf, to a circus clown, jack-o-lantern, raccoon, frog, tiger, gorilla and many more!

The children make the pumpkin spice cakes for the cake walk. Some parents have said that their children shared their winnings with them and gave them an A+ on their cooking project. It is always delicious!

During the party, the children work on art projects to take home and decorate their houses for Halloween. A hanging Ghost made from paper plates and crepe paper and a witches handmade with a plastic glove, candy corn, and popcorn. Very cute, very scary!

The children play games like Witch-Witch-Pumpkin, Popcorn Relay Races, Cake Walk, and Musical Chairs, and win prizes.

Then everyone puts their costumes on and goes trick or treating to each of the classrooms where the teachers are dressed as Pooh Bear, A Tiger and a Blue Tiger Fairy. The teachers and children talked about and practiced how we use our manners and stay safe when we go trick or treating.


Every year we have a special Thanksgiving “Dinner” for the children.

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